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  • Show me the Bitticks. Many BITTICK family members have been doing research and working together for years.  The information in this web site is built upon their work. One goal of this site is to present public documents, photographs, Bible records, census data, and other information in order to gain a more complete picture of the BITTICK ancestors. Owned by Mary Bittick Gallano  and Ronda J. Snider, the site has lots of information pertaining to Jefferson County.


  • Frederic Z. Saunders. These pages were created to make contact with others who share my ancestry. I am glad to share my research on these families, and intend that the information given here be used by other researchers. Jefferson County MO surnames include HERRINGTON, SMIRL & WIDEMAN.


  • American Colonial Origins; & more specifically, John Hearst of the Long Canes. This site is dedicated to the genealogical and historical research into a few families who came from Great Britain to America during its colonial period. The common thread of these lines is their relationship to the descendants of Nancy Bartlett Dutton and William Bethel Rowe.  These relationships are the primary lines documented here.   Also included on these pages are links to other closely related web sites and to other researchers. The HEARST family is found in Jefferson County, MO


  • Brinley.net. I was raised in Jefferson County as was my father and his father with many still living in the Hillsboro area. The website covers more than just the Jefferson County family, as it goes back to 1721 in Pennsylvania. The Adam HOUSE family was also part of our family as Mary House, married our John BRINLEY. House Springs is named after Adam. He had his head cut off by the Indians in 1800. Brinley Murders Site owner Clyde Brinley.


  • Patty Frazer's Genealogy Page. Descendants of Samuel and Sarah M. (nee MANESS) PRENTISS, who settled in DeSoto, Missouri, in the mid- to late-1800s. Prentiss descendants lived in DeSoto until the early 1910s. Surnames related to the DeSoto Prentiss: CAMPBELL, COX, GARSIDE, HOMAN, MANESS, THOMPSON, WILLIAMS.


  • Tarno / Tarnow and Related Surnames.   Dedicated to sharing information regarding the TARNO surname and variations (e.g., Tarnow, Tornow, Tarnowski, Tarnoski, and Tarnosky) in any place and at any time. My 2nd great-grandparents, Henry Frederick TARNOW and Nancy SHEFFIELD, were married 26 August 1855 in Jefferson County.


  • Pierce-Vernon Family Ties.   My two main families in Jefferson County are PIERCE and MOTHERSHEAD. George W. Pierce moved to Jefferson County in the mid-1800s and fathered ten children during his lifetime; Clifton Mothershead moved to Jefferson County in the early 1800s, and had five children. Searching for all descendants of both, and, of course, their ancestors! :) Other family names in the Jefferson County area include: Rogers, Spohr, Wiley, Murrell, Bleiker, Ogle, Huskey, Washburn, Stovesand, Genrich, Davis, Kunce and more.


  • Carroll's Corner.   Although it pertains largely to Washington County, this site has info and some great pictures pertaining to Jefferson County. In addition to information on the O'HAVER surname in Jefferson County, some of the pages that have Jefferson County info on them are:

    • The Most Outrageous Crime Ever Committed In Washington County (The criminals were chased to and apprehended in Jefferson County)

    • Pictures of Historic and Scenic Sites From In and Around Washington and Jefferson counties

    • The "HENDERSON" surname - Contains family history of Jefferson County Hendersons

    • Washington County In The Civil War - contains incidents in Jefferson County.


  • The Gordon & Shirley Olson Family Home Page.  This website traces the ancestry and descendants of the Michael CLOVER family in Jefferson County, Missouri.


  • John Piatt Family of Missouri.  This web site is dedicated to the sharing of PYEATT/etc. research material (and that of related lines). We have most of our own family's information plus any other PYEATT information (extensive) which we have found during our search. The progenator of our Jefferson County, Missouri, PIATT/PYEATTs is John Piatt (b: ca. 1765) who came to Missouri prior to 1790 by way of West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio, we are told. He was said to be accompanied by his father, Jacob PYEATT. His petition for a Spanish land grant was presented by John RICHARDSON and he was a long-time friend/neighbor of the HILDEBRAND/HELTERBRAND families. He was on Big River in the Meramac area near House Springs and lived "at the Fort" when they experienced Indian troubles. Many of John's children and grandchildren stayed in Jefferson County. His children married into the HILDEBRAND, McCLURE, VOTAW, PRUITT, GREEN and SMITH families. Others of his children/grandchildren migrated to Stone, St. Louis, Ste. Genevieve and Shannon Counties in Missouri, to Texas, Arizona, California and Oklahoma to name a few. Marianne Pyeatt.


  • Welcome to the Viverette-Fisher Family tree.  This site is devoted to the VIVERETTE/VIVRETT and FISHER families of North Carolina, who now have branches in Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky. The Vivretts of Missouri migrated from Tennessee and married into many families in Jefferson County, Missouri. These families' genealogy have been made available free of charge at this site. Maintained by Raymond Viverette.

  • Have a Jefferson County family website?   Post your website for other Jefferson County researchers by sending the url and a brief description to the County Coordinator.  lgendron@swbell.net


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